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K-12 - CCCA is an independent private Christian school, located in St. George, NB. We are pleased to offer small classes in all grade levels. We take pride in offering a fun and interactive program which encourages academic stimulation. Because of our small class sizes, students that may have struggled in a different environment tend to excel here at CCCA. Our continued goal is to ensure students are excited to come to school. We encourage all students to think for themselves in an environment that is safe and welcoming to all who attend. We encourage our students to be people of courage, character and integrity. We desire for each student to be critical thinkers as well as creative problem solvers. We desire for students to understand who Jesus Christ is as Lord, for the first time or on a deeper level, through the integration of Christian Faith and learning. Our goal is that all CCCA students will be well prepared for their next stages of life and education after successfully graduating.  


At both Wee school and Preschool we allow for lots of play-based learning as well we incorporate Horizons Workbooks. These workbooks, through the guidance and support of the teacher, will introduce the student to math, phonics, language arts and other subjects utilizing fun activities and games they will certainly enjoy.

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