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Our Approach to Learning

“Learning by doing,” “Exploring and Understanding,” & “Playing with Information,” are ways in which we take an alternative approach to learning which compliments our traditional teaching practices.

Wee-School & Pre-School

At both Wee school and Preschool we allow for lots of play-based learning as well we incorporate Horizons Workbooks. These workbooks, through the guidance and support of the teacher, will introduce the student to math, phonics, language arts and other subjects utilizing fun activities and games they will certainly enjoy.


Kindergarten – Grade 12

Kindergarten to Grade 2

At Charlotte County Christian Academy the K-Grade 2 program provides a comprehensive “early learning program” designed to nurture young children. This structured and supportive environment includes academic enrichment, small class sizes, interactive activities, and opportunities to interact with students across all grade levels at CCCA. Instruction is focused on reading readiness, social and personal development. A strong foundation in education is established through phonics-based reading and fundamental math concepts, preparing students for future learning.

Grades 3 – 5

“The Elementary program” at CCCA features self-contained classrooms using a blended curriculum that includes Fun-dations, Wilson’s reading program, ACSI, CSI and the New Brunswick provincial curriculum. With small class sizes and personalized learning plans, students thrive in an environment that recognizes and supports their unique learning styles. Engaging extracurricular activities enhance social interactions and create an enjoyable school experience. Our goal is for every student to eagerly anticipate coming to school each day. The elementary curriculum emphasizes academic excellence while nurturing holistic development.

Grades 6 – 8

“The middle school years” are pivotal for academic and social growth. CCCA Middle School offers a robust academic program that encourages students to excel and prepares them for increased independence as they approach high school. Students are encouraged to think critically and articulate their perspectives within a positive Christian framework. Experiential learning through extracurricular activities and school trips enriches the educational experience, providing a safe and supportive environment for personal growth and friendship.

Grades 9 – 12

At CCCA “High School” provides a dynamic educational experience with self-contained classrooms and a diverse curriculum from providers such as HCOS, ACSI, Christian Light, Monarch,  and the NB Department of Education. This unique division offers students a supportive environment to explore their interests and prepare for post-secondary pursuits. Individualized guidance ensures that course selections and extracurricular activities align with each student's evolving educational and career goals. High school students at CCCA benefit from numerous opportunities to broaden their perspectives, build lifelong friendships, and pursue academic rigor in preparation for future success.


Afterschool Program

Our afterschool program is a fun, safe, creative place for students in grades K-6 to play, use their imaginations and make friends.


We offer our afterschool program Monday-Thursday 3:00pm-5:30pm.



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