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Meet Our Staff

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Susan Cooke


Susan is a graduate of Atlantic Business College and has worked in the corporate world the majority of her career as a sales professional.  She also currently runs two successful businesses alongside her husband.  Susan felt God called her to serve in the ministry of CCCA and she answered the call. 


Leighanne Hatt 

Middle & High School Math/Science Teacher

Mrs. Hatt is a graduate of Dalhousie with a BSc and from STU with a BEd. Mrs. Hatt taught the K-2 class during her first year as well as assisting with the upper level math. She now teaches upper level Math/Science. Her love for math and science keep the students engaged and wanting to learn more.

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Joy Seeley

Elementary Teacher

Mrs. Seeley has her BA from Crandall, MA from Providence Seminary and College & BEd from UNB. Joy teaches our K-2 class with lots of passion and enthusiasm.

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Lori Thompson

Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Thompson has been involved with CCCA for the last few years and now has taken the role of our Pre/Wee School Teacher!  She has lots of play based learning and puts her all into what she does.

Kelly C.jpeg

Kelly Cooke

Administrator/Educational Assistant

Mrs. Cooke helps in all areas of school administration, taking care of tuition payments, fundraising activities, communicating with parents and more. She also assists in the classroom wherever she is needed, always with a smile!

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Suzanne Tait

Elementary & Middle School Teacher

Mrs. Tait started her journey into education with an early childhood education diploma from Sheridan College, followed by a Bachelor of Arts in Christian School Education from Kingswood University.  She has also obtained a Masters in Christian Education from Tyndale University and Seminary.  Mrs. Tait leads our grades 3-5 home room with lots of excitement and project based learning.  She also teaches grades 6-8 History.

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Paula Crozier

Teacher's Aid

Paula joined our team when she and her family moved back to N.B.  Paula and her husband Randy have served in the ministry for more than 35 years.  I regard it a privilege to contribute to both their academic and spiritiual growth.  It is my great pleasure to serve at CCCA.  Paula works in our school as a teachers aid, she brings so much to our school from her Godly wisdom as well as love and nurture to each student.  Paula has her BA in Biblical Studies, major in Christian Education.

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Stephanie Archer

Music Teacher

I have been a music educator in public schools for more than 25 years, in three different provinces. Teaching at CCCA has been my first experience teaching in a private Christian school and it has been such a gift to me. CCCA students fill my heart up each week with their kindness, engagement in learning, creativity, humor and intelligence. It is clear that the students are part of big, loving, supportive and engaged extended families, who create the space for their children to shine, which makes teaching here a joy. I am fortunate to be a music educator, as this provides me with a platform to engage students in many different ways, creating unique opportunities for growth, development, and relationships. Singing, dancing/movement, dramatizing, playing instruments, composing, improvising, and learning music literacy are activities we explore together each week.  I have always felt that teaching music was my calling; it is how I do God's work each day.


Mrs. Stewart

Math Teacher

Mrs. Stewart is a graduate of Mount Saint Vincent University with a Bachelor of Arts in Math and Economics.  She received a Bachelor of Education from Acadia University.  Mrs. Stewart taught high school math beginning at RCS-Netherwood and finishing at Fundy High School.  Last year she joined the CCCA family to help cover a maternity leave.  In the upcoming year Mrs. Stewart will be teaching the math courses at the high school level and grades 9 and 10 science.  She is looking forward to an exciting and rewarding teaching experience again this year.

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